Highlights 2019 NCAA Women’s Soccer Tournament – Day 2

WHAT A STRIKE 😧#NCAASoccer | @GamecockWSoccer pic.twitter.com/sreE2rjOT1

— NCAA Soccer (@NCAASoccer) November 17, 2019



Best announcers:

We don’t know these commentators but we wish we did. 😂

WASHINGTON TAKES THE LEAD!#NCAASoccer | @UW_WSoccer pic.twitter.com/FyJhMeZMkQ

— NCAA Soccer (@NCAASoccer) November 17, 2019

Golden Goal! Julie Doyle scores 20 seconds into overtime for Santa Clara

HIGHLIGHT | That’s gold, Julie! Gold!
Julie Doyle’s golden strike sends the Broncos to the second round of the NCAA Tournament.#StampedeTogether #SCUBroncos #NCAASoccer pic.twitter.com/9yav4KnYpJ

— Santa Clara Women’s Soccer (@SCUWomensSoccer) November 16, 2019

Pure Joy! Also runner up Best Announcer!

With the left! Jessie Fleming’s first-half goal vs. Lamar was her 7th career NCAA Tournament goal. #GoBruins | #NCAASoccer pic.twitter.com/G7GUfKFGFW

— UCLA Women’s Soccer (@UCLAWSoccer) November 17, 2019

Quick combination leads to a nice goal by Kristen McFarland for Florida State

TWO-NIL IN TALLAHASSEE!#NCAASoccer | @FSUSoccer pic.twitter.com/nq8bpNjynl

— NCAA Soccer (@NCAASoccer) November 17, 2019

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