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Soccer Recruiting videos, year end / season videos:

  • Graphics - player bio and more
  • Player isolation - circle freeze
  • Slow motion replay
  • Posted to YouTube
  • 100%. Satisfaction Guarantee

Pricing Information:

We offer 15 and 30 clip video highlight packages along with custom videos. For our "we pick" package, we'll go through the video and grab the best highlights for you. We can also grab existing content off of YouTube, Twitter and Instagram as long as it is not protected by copyright. Our services are priced at a 50% discount vs other soccer recruiting video companies. You get the same quality or better for a lot less.

For information on our process visit the How it Works page, the answer to most questions can be found on our FAQ page and for more. info on who we are visit our About Us page.

Up to 15 Highlights Video

$ 139.00
  • Up to 15 plays submitted, you submit the play times, usually 3-4 minutes long, 2 instant replay clips, uploaded to YouTube

Up to 30 highlights video

$ 249.00
  • Up to 30 plays submitted, you submit the play times, usually 5 - 6 minutes long, 3 instant replay clips, uploaded to YouTube

We pick - 20 Highlights

$ 489.00
  • 20 plays in final video, we'll find and upload your clips, usually 4 - 5 minutes long, 3 instant replay clips, uploaded to YouTube

Affordable Soccer Recruiting Videos:

If you dream of playing at the collegiate level or beyond you're going to need a highlight video that shows off your skills and get's you noticed. has been making soccer recruiting videos for over 10 years and has first hand experience of what it's like to have players compete at the collegiate level.

We create professional grade highlight videos with freeze frames, circle outlines, slow motion and a host of other effects that will make your player stand out and get noticed.

We have 2 different YouTube channels that have received over 10 million views. If you choose to, we can post your highlight videos to one of our YouTube channels to increase your recruiting videos exposure. Or, we can help you create your own YouTube channel!

We also provide year end or season end team videos that will showcase all of your teams accomplishments.

To get started, complete the order form below and you'll be on your way!

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