How to Make a Soccer Highlight Video

Here are our top tips on how to make a soccer highlight video. A highlight or recruiting video is essential to being recruited as a soccer player. Soccer, unlike most sports has very few stats that are tracked during a game. At the club or high school level you might have goals, assists, saves, corner kicks, shots on goal, starts and minutes played. If you are a midfielder or defender that doesn't shoot a lot you will only have your starts and minutes recorded. Compare that to basketball where everyone shoots and shots taken, shots made etc., you get the idea, there are more stats to track for almost all other sports.

So how do you stand out? Your highlight reel. The problem is, you have to film a 90 minute game to pick out just the right moments to showcase your skills. Many parents and supporters have started out taking highlight videos only to give up after a game or 2. The flip side is to pay someone to grab the video for you, this is expensive and you'll have limited footage to work with. Finally, most clubs are taking video of the entire game, which is great, but you'll still need some additional footage that is just focused on your player to supplement it.

Below we've listed out our best tips on how to shoot a soccer highlight video.

Soccer recruiting videos: how to
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