How To Do a Screen Recording on a Mac

A screen recording is a great way to grab video that you can't download. We run into this issue with Hudl videos a lot when your team has Hudl but only allows you to share highlights with other team members or coaches.

This tutorial is on how to take a screen recording on a Mac. We'll do a separate video on how to do a screen recording from a PC.

If you  are using this to grab your video clips from Hudl, you'll want to first compile your clips into a playlist, then do a screen recording of the playlist and you'll have your own copy downloaded to your computer.

how to do a screen recording on a mac

Pro Tip: Experiment with the size of your video playback screen. The videos in Hudl are usually 720p which means they are at a much lower resolution than your screen. Playing your videos full screen can stretch out your image and actually give you a poorer results. Leave your video showing as part of the screen - play around with the exact size to see what gives you the best results.


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