How To Save Your Soccer Videos Off Hudl

Learn how to save your soccer videos off Hudl. Hudl has taken the sports video world by storm. It's a great way for a team to keep track of their game highlights and share them with their players for training purposes.

However, Hudl can be hard to navigate and many teams have their Hudl videos "locked down" and don't offer a way to export or save videos to your computer.

This video will walk you through how to gather your highlight videos into a play list so you can save them.

If your team does have Hudl set up so you can save videos then simply use this tutorial to gather your videos in a playlist and export them.

how to save your soccer videos off Hudl
how to save your soccer videos off hudl

How To Save Your Soccer Videos Off Hudl - final thoughts:

Here's a step by step guide from Hudl's website on how to save highlights as a clip and then group them into a playlist for export.

This video seems to make it a bit more complicated than the method I use above but it's on their website so it must work.

Pro Tip: if your team has not broken out your highlights by name or individual you are going to have to spend a bit of time going through your past games to find that one play that you want to export. If you have someone in your family that can keep track of the game clock and when the play happened that will save you a lot of time going through game film later.

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