iPhone Settings for Soccer Videos

Yes! You can take high quality soccer videos with your iPhone. As long as you have the right iPhone settings for soccer videos.

With the iPhone 13 and 14 Apple now included a 3x zoom lens standard on most models. You can easily switch to the 3x zoom by tapping on the 3x button while in photo or video mode.

Here are the camera settings you want to check to make sure you're getting the highest quality video.

  • Formats: under video capture turn off ProRes
  • Record Video: choose either 1080p HD at 60 fps or 4k at 60 fps.
  • HDR Video: set to on
  • Auto FPS: set to Auto 30 & 60 fps

Side note: take your video with your phone sideways and not up and down. You'll cover a lot more space while you're shooting.

iphone settings for soccer videos

Pro Tip: 

About your iPhone settings for soccer videos:  choose either 1080p HD at 60 fps or 4k at 60 fps. The high frame per second (fps) setting means you'll cut down on the blur of the player flying around the field. 4k is the best setting if you have the available memory storage on your iPhone. 4k is great because you can zoom in on your player a bit more in post production without any loss in quality. if you're low on memory then just go with 1080p.

Keep in mind that 4k video uses about 440 megabytes for each minute of video. 30 minutes of video, which won't even get you half the game will use up almost 15 gigabytes of storage!

You can check your iPhone's storage by going to Settings / General / About then scroll down and you'll see the iPhone's storage capacity and the available storage.

Final thought: even if your team has someone taking video, this is usually for the coaches and training purposes. This means they are going to ask the videographer to "stay wide" and not zoom in so that the coaches can see the formations and the player shape and positioning. Shooting additional footage so you can highlight your player is your job. This is called B roll and it can be mixed in with the game film for great results.

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